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The company mainly produces nylon (PA) products, polypropylene (PP) products, polyethylene (PE) products, PVC products, ABC products, POM products, polycarbonate (PC) products, polystyrene (PS) products, polytetrafluoroethylene products; natural rubber, NBR, polyurethane and o About us


                We specialize in the production of framework oil seal, O-ring, dust boot, sheath, rubber gasket, protective coil, automobile sealing strip and other sealing products.            

What are lip seals? Comparison

Lip seal: its called framework seal! Very common oil seal. Recommended end face: high temperature and high-speed rotating shaft seal, made of PTFE stainless steel framework, with linear speed of 30m / s, temperature of 260 ℃, high pressur...


Rubber material for automobile

Material: 1. Made of high quality EPDM and foaming material. 2. The back is made of imported double-sided tape and the middle layer is made of mesh glass fiber. Applicable scope and installation method: 1. Applicable to all kinds of doors a...


Material selection and installa

Pipeline sealing is specially developed by technical experts. High performance elastomer sealing materials and sealing extrusion are used for heavy load. There is a large gap between wellhead fittings and components. The rubber seal ring of...


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